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Ko Wai Matou

Ko Emiemi te Maunga,

Awaroa te Awa,

Whangaroa te Moana,

Nuki Auldridge taku Matua,

Doreen Renata taku Whaea tupuna,

Ngāpuhi, Ngatikahu toku Iwi,

Kororareka Renata Toetoe taku ingoa,

Engari ingoa Pakeha Russell Smith.

Russell is a clinician and has co-led a clinical team for nearly 11 years, providing therapeutic services for children, adolescents with sexually harmful behaviour and adults who have sexually offended against children. He has completed three research projects for Rape Prevention Education and completed an initial 18 month consultation project amongst Māori in Tamaki that led to the inception of the Tiaki Tinana project in from June 2006-June 2008 with the support Ministry of Justice, Te Puni Kōkiri, and the ASB Community Trust.

Russell also has worked for several years in private practice with adult on adult sexual and violent offenders and with survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

Over the years he has worked in Adolescent Mental Health, Child Youth and Family Services, NZPARS residential Montgomery House Program, Domestic Violence Centre (now known as SHINE), Te Whānau Rataroa Social Services, and many other services. His early employment included the role of Managing Director of two transport logistic companies and developing and implementing the ISO (International Standards Orders) for transport companies.

Russell comes with a background in child protection and caregiver training. He has co-fostered 34 children over a period of 15 years through a community fostering agency. However, his most valued, significant and treasured role is being the father of 3 wonderful children and 6 grandchildren.

Ko Tainui te waka,

Ko Tararua te maunga,

Ko Otaki te awa,

Ko Ngati Raukawa ki te tonga te iwi,

Ko Ngati Te Horu raua ko Ngati Koroki nga hapu,

Ko Raukawa te marae,

Ko Tauhia raua ko Mavis Te Wiata oku maatua

Ko Joy Te Wiata toku ingoa

No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena tatou katoa.

Joy is a clinician has played a significant role in developing clinical work in the harmful sexual behaviour sector specifically for Maori. She has also co-led a team of Maori clinical practitioners for several years providing therapeutic services for tamaariki and rangatahi with harmful sexual behaviour and tane and wahine who have sexually offended against children. She began her formal work in the sexual violence sector on Pitcairn Island and has continued in the work since that time.

Joy has worked for various social service providers including several years with Ngati Raukawa Social Services, Toiora Whanau, in the Horowhenua/ Manawatu providing therapeutic services for her iwi. Joy has previously provided counselling/mediation for the Family Court and has had a special interest in the area of domestic violence including having developed a therapeutic programme for the Department for Courts addressing the needs of wahine survivors of violence. Joy has a Masters in Counselling (Hons 1) in which she completed a research project investigating the contribution of Māori knowledges to Pakeha identity and to local Aotearoa counselling practices.

Joy is passionate about creating a safe environment for her mokopuna in which they can live and grow and be proud of being Maori and create rich futures for the generations to come.

No Taranaki tōku maunga

Ko Waingororo tōku awa

Ko Ohawe tōku moana

Ko Aotea tōku waka

Ko Rangatapu tōku pa

Ko Nga ruahinerangi me Rangitane ki Wairarapa,me Ngati Ruanui ōku iwi,

Ko Kawana Clegg tōku ingoa 

As a Maori man and an experienced social worker who believes that in order to effect any positive change, it takes an integrated approach involving all aspects of our rangitahi. This includes their whakapapa, taha tinana, taha hinengaro, taha wairua, taha whanau to find their identity.Tautangata (a word that resonates with me), it is easy to lose one’s identity in this western world, and I wish to walk alongside our rangitahi as they discover who they are and who their tupuna intended them to be. I believe that people are products of their environment and the disconnectedness and forced assimilation of Maori lead to the social issues that affect us today. 

Joy and Russell have a combined experience in the field of sexual violence for over two decades.

MBRS: TOAH-NNEST (Te Ohaaki a Hine – National Network Ending Sexual Violence Together) - Executives on the Paetakawaenga of Nga Kaitiaki Mauri TOAH-NNEST.

(TOAH-NNEST is a representative group of the sexual violence service provision sector which actively informs Government on issues surrounding sexual violence)

MBRS: ANZATSA (Australia & New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse)

You can contact us on the 'contact us' page or email [email protected]

or mobile +64224747044


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