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Nga mihi nui, nau mai haere mai:

Korowai Tumanako is a kaupapa Māori service designed to support iwi, hapu and whanau who have been affected by sexual violence, on their journey toward greater wellbeing. The central message of Korowai Tumanako is that prevention of sexual abuse in all communities is achievable. Our primary aim is to join with community leaders, whānau and their support services to be part of an integrated approach to prevent sexual violence in their communities and to create safe and hopeful futures.



Korowai Tumanako's approach to the issue of sexual violence within Māori communities begins with engaging in conversations with community leaders, iwi, hapu and whānau about practical, everyday ways of incorporating sexual violence prevention strategies within their communities. The awareness and adoption of simple prevention strategies can result in the minimisation of harm and the prevention of sexual abuse and sexual offending against children, young people and adults.



Korowai Tumanako offers sexual violence prevention education and support to whānau, provides therapeutic supervision and training to local professionals and support workers and provides clinical treatment for young people and adults who have participated in harmful sexual behaviour.



Korowai Tumanako Māori clinical practitioners offer a unique Māori clinical approach to their work with whānau. Māori clinical practice refers to the application of both Māori cultural and clinical knowledge and applied specifically within the sexual violence sector. Our practice is informed by Māori values and principles and utilises knowledge and experience from the fields of sexual violence prevention education, survivor services and sexual offender treatment.



Korowai Tumanako addresses the need for a preventative effort specifically designed for Māori, by Māori clinical and cultural professionals for use within Māori communities. This form of prevention extends into ALL communities who are affected by sexual abuse.



We hope you can find everything you need to support your inquiry on this site. Korowai Tumanako is focused on providing high-quality service and satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

You can contact us on the 'contact us' page or email

or mobile +64224747044

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